Meet Tater Tot

Hello Everyone, I’m Tater Tot!  I also go by Dr. Tot, Hot Tot, Puppy, Gator, Gator Rator, Gator Rator Roo, or just Tater.  I think there is more, but it gets confusing to have so many names, so I don’t know, I guess I’ll stop there.

Here is me, and then me and my Momma T!

tater smile 001            halloween and toshitot 063

Got my hair cut, you love it?  I love getting my hair cut! Everyone at the salon adores me and tells me how beautiful I am.  It makes me feel so sexy! Oh, you know who else is sexy? Squirrels!!! I LOVE SQUIRRELS!!! Sometimes I shake with excitement when I see them, and I can’t help but stare at them as I walk by.  They are sooooooo sexy!

Oh, oh yes, back to my story.  Ok, so here is me with all of my mammas (oldie, but goodie!).

Lots of Santas (1)

The mamma on the left, her name is Mamma, and the mamma on the right, her name is Mami.  And you’ve already met Mamma T.  Yup, that’s right, I have 3 mammas!  Pretty special, huh?!  A pup like me deserves 3 mammas, don’t you think?

We do everything together!  We watch squirrels, go on sit walks, watch our stories, beg for each other’s food, travel the world…well actually, the list goes on and on.

Hmmm, what else am I missing? Oh my goodness, I almost forgot why I was even typing.  Here’s the reason: I’m a dog with a blog, and I created it to track my progress in healing.  Darn straight, I’m a dog in healing!  And I want to show other dogs how to heal naturally too.  Plus it’s kinda funny to watch my mammas try to solve the healing puzzle.  They get so wound up, I can’t help but giggle at them.

No worries, you’ll hear from all 3 of my mammas throughout this journey.  After all, I did have to get their permission to start this blog since I’m still a puppy, and part of the agreement was that all 3 mammas must be allowed to guest post whenever they want.  Being the sweet pup I am, I agreed.

Before you plunge into my healing journey, check out my bio below:

Birthday: March 22, 2007 (Mamma and I share the same birthday, how cool is that?!)

Birthplace: Tampa, FL

Number of States traveled to in the USA: 17

Favorite food: Against the Grain frozen pizza

Favorite drink: Bottled spring water

Favorite toy: Road Kill Squirrel (he’s sexy too!);  his name is “Toy”

Favorite place to sleep: my Mami’s bed

Favorite hobby: Squirrel watching

Favorite holiday: Halloween (because I get to dress-up)

Favorite piece of clothing: My pink jammies

Ok, you’re free to read all about me and my healing journey now!

Me love you lots,

Tater Tot

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