Fennel for Acid Reflux


Hey ya’ll -it is me, the Tater Tots!  I wanted to share some info on what my Mammas give me when I keep “spitting up” -the ‘umans say it is “acid reflux” but I dunno!  I just know that I sometimes…all the sudden…just spit up a buncha my food.  Then usually, I try to re-eat it but that totally grosses out the ‘umans -they are SO odd!!  My Toshi (the other Tzu in the house) thinks it makes sense to eat it, she tries too!

The ladi mammas say that me clearing my throat is anoder sign of da ‘flux or da GERD.  They say it can cause lack of appetite and weight loss and pain too -oh no!

They did some things to help with my ‘flux:

1) I got fed 3-4 times a day with smaller meals ( I tots loved being fed all the time!!) They decreased the fat in my homemade diet…then after a few days added some fats that are easier on the tum-tum like coconut oil.

2) They filled out a focus wheel for me (I’ll write about that next -so neat, so much attention on me -LOVED it!)

3) Back in the day, they would give me Pepcid (famotidine) 0.5mg/lb twice a day….BUT then they found the awesomiest, super natural, super duper yummy FENNEL and PEANUT BUTTER -yes please!!


They made these by crushn up some fennel seeds (each ball has ~1/8tsp of da seeds) and then mixed with peanut butter or almond butter or sunbutter (oh so good!!) Then they put ’em in the freezer for safe keepin…so smart!  And gave me one every morning 15 minutes before I ate my breakfast and VOILA -no more spittin up!!  Oh it worked so good and TAST-E!  I weigh about 10lbs, so if you weigh more, you’d get more fennel in your fennel balls 🙂

That’s my story, ya’ll…I know some doggies like to eat their fennel as a tea but that wasn’t for me (maybe if there was some PB in the tea !!)

Lotsa love to everyone -oh yeah, ladi -come see me on the Instamagram @doginhealing -me love you!





  1. THANK-YOU! You cheery messages brighten up my day, eve when you are telling me about puppy GERD. I was not aware of this use for Fennel Seeds…so thanks again! So? If my doggie weighs 44 lbs., should I try about 1/2 tsp. of fennel seed in PB, about 15 mins. before breakfast?
    Peace for all pups!

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