Doggy Agility with Me Mammas

It was a very active day for me and my Mammas.  We woke-up wicked early, like 8:30am early to go to this place called da Zoom Room.  Have you heard of it?  They say we do something called doggy agility there.  I don’t know what dat means, but to me it means we run around in random cirlces, sit on tables, and eat lots of tweats.  Here’s a pic of me and Mamma T on da table!

Table for two!

My Mami and Mamma say the doggy agility will help me get back to my hunting roots so I can fulfill my hunting and chasing needs.  Haha, they crazy!  I is a royal foot warmer, not a hunter!  But whatevs, as long as they are happy and I get me my tweats, I cool with being a called a hunter.

They also tell me it makes the bond stronger between us all.  Are they kiddin’?  How much tighter can the bond be in this family?  Oh well, I’ll roll with it!

Oh, and then they tell me it gives me the exercise I need to stay healthy, and I said, “oh yeah, well what about you?” They had to admit it gets them moving too!  But they don’t get any tweats, so sucks to be them!

The End,

Tater Tot


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